Automation vs. Paper File: Which works better?

by Faraz Rizvi 2. May 2012 23:11

In the modern age of business, there seems to be much debate over what the future of business looks like. Many prominenet business voices are quick to eschew the efficiency of automation and cloud, stating that there is no proof of its efficiency. well, if one really looks at the research done by the Gartner group, one can see that automation has a ver promising future; an average paper document takes about 10 minutes to retrieve and re-file, assuming that your assistant earns $12 per hour, retrieving and re-filing a paper document costs $2.00.  If these are true, then retrieving and refilling 10 documents a day would cost over $500 per month! So if it takes $2.00 to retrieve and re-file a document, how much do you think it could cost just to fax and print those papers? Using the same $2.00 per document multiplied by the weekly average of 61 faxes/copies, it costs about $122 per week! This means it costs about $25,000 to fill a filing cabinet and about 2,100 per year to maintain it. Today’s electronic file puts any customer file on any employee’s desk instantaneously, this means no more time and money wasted on hunting for files




Obamacare: will it stand?

by Faraz Rizvi 4. April 2012 22:47

The Supreme court has seen oral arguments against and for the Obama care law, yet many spectators are still unsure of whether the mandate will stand or not. Justice Kennedy has now become the last beacon of hope for the mandate seeing as he is the swing vote. Most speculators believed that Kennedy would quickly strike down Obama care, but his questioning of the defense tells a different story. The major debate that was taking place was whether the government can force individuals to buy obamacare because they will eventually be in the "market", but it really looks as if the defense may be relying on what the obamacare law may mean to the prospect of individual liberty. Justice Kennedy's conception of liberty is crucial to this case. 

Even those closest to justice Kennedy are not sure of the decision he will be taking with this mandate. As Orin Kerr remarked, "I'm not sure which way he'll come out." 

Cloud Computing and the Insurance Industry: is it a good idea?

by Faraz Rizvi 29. March 2012 21:39

One of the definitive technologies of the 21st century is cloud computing, yet the Insurance Industry has been slow to integrate this technology into their daily processes. For those who are unsure of what cloud computing is or are skeptical of the profitability of this technology, let me show you the vast gold mine of opportunity that is available with this system. 

Cloud Computing is a technology that allows businesses to access softwares and applications through cloud. This is a stark contrast from older software/ applications which required terminal services to run, making applications and files much slower. Another difference between cloud computing and traditional hosted solutions is the fact that traditional hosting solutions necessitates buying applications for every new version as well as the same software for every user within the business; cloud, on the other  hand, allows your business to increase their IT capacity in real time without investing in new infrastructure, training, or licensing, working almost as a paper service, since the technology is available on a cloud based server. The benefit to your agency or brokerage remains in the concept that instead of wasting capital on being up-to-date with software, using cloud will outsource your hardware and make it accessible to all users within your agency. that means no more buying new softwares. no more employee training. no more software licensing. 

To recap, Cloud Computing is essential for fledgling Insurance agencies as well as big time brokerages. IMS Drive, our insurance management system, is ready to go cloud in Q3 and is at the forefront of integrating cloud technology and the Insurance industry to maximize efficiency, increase profitability, and give agencies a competitive edge. In short, yes, it is a good idea. 

What IMS Drive Software Solution Can Do For Your Insurance Business

by fauzia 22. March 2012 23:27


Thousands of insurance agents/brokers are jumping on board with IMS Drive Software Solution to retain their business level. IMS Drive insurance management system is a web-based complete software solution for insurance and agencies specializing in Errors & Omissions insurance business.

If you’re still sending out policies to your clients, manually handling all the tasks of your business, delinquent accounts, and a decrease in agent productivity, you need IMS Drive Software Solution. The days of mailing out policies, talking to clients to resolve their problems and other tasks performed manually are long gone.

Your company will suffer without the technology to automate your business operation. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small agency or large insurance broker; IMS has the experience and expertise to deliver the software solution for your unique needs. IMS Drive provides functionalities which are not available in other online web solutions provided by other companies. You can sell policies online with your own custom built interface.  You have the capability to accept payments through online credit card processing and ACH.

Clients don’t need to come to the office anymore or call you on the phone. They can get a quote, pay the premium and print out their policy instantly. With IMS Drive Software Solution by Palladium Pros, you can focus more on your core business of selling while the system takes care of streamlining the complete process.

IMS Drive has the most advanced solution that handles your complete business process.  IMS Drive Software Solution is an easy to use and responsive system that allows your agents and brokers to service your customers quickly regardless of geographical boundaries.

A detailed dashboard view gives timely and important client information, policies details, reminders, tasks, and much more to improve workflow. Imagine the policies you can sell with just a few of these features while cutting costs at the same time. 

IMS Drive Software Solution by Palladium Pros gives you the flexibility to focus more on sales, reduce your E&O exposure, market your products more effectively, manage documents over the web, and get rid of time consuming manual and semi-automated work that keeps you controlling your business instead of growing it. 

 You’re losing time with all the manual work-load which results in losing clients. Go to: and see what IMS can mean for your business building a life-time relationship with your clients.  Take a look at the screenshot of what your back-office dashboard will look like, and request a free demo.


Why You Should Use IMS Drive for Your Insurance Business

by fauzia 14. March 2012 21:40


Are you still running your insurance company the old school way?  The old way doesn’t work anymore. There are so many advanced technologies in the insurance business, without it you will not succeed at the level you hope for. Thousands of insurance brokers/agents are working less and gaining more customers with IMS Drive.With the IMS Drive  Software Solution, you will sell more and more policies without the hassles of spending one-on one time with your customers trying to sort out their problems.

The IMS system takes care of all that while streamlining the complete process. By using IMS Drive technology and expertise allows your company to maximize prospecting, sales and renewals while automating back office policy administration and management.You will cut costs while your agency productivity will increase.You can spend more time focusing on getting new clients while most of the workload of retaining clients, taking payments, trying to solve existing client’s problems will maintain your business target. IMS is an automated process that takes over the workload for you.

Think about the delinquent clients you are losing. With this technology, you will keep them in target range.You never need to worry about collections, taking payments, or updating reports.  IMS Drive by Palladium Pros handles all this for your business with their advanced technology. The insurance industry has changed so much over the past two decades that this is a must for your insurance company to thrive in today’s advanced technological world. Once you have engaged this system for your insurance needs, you will wonder how you ever got along without it. 

Imagine selling policies online with your own custom built web interface. Policy management system, managing coverage options, deductibles, endorsements and limits are at your fingertips. Any insurance agency can use this application to tailor the output to meet its specific requirements. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small agency or a large insurance broker; Palladium Pros has the expertise and experience to deliver the software solution for your unique insurance needs.

IMS is a simple, but powerful insurance management system.With the latest in Microsoft.NET technology, your company can allow agents, customers and all authorized personnel to access business operations online.Worldwide companies strive to have effective and sophisticated employee, client marketing, sales and service management system.

IMS Drive provides features and benefits that no other online web solutions companies provide. Find out how IMS Drive by Palladium Pros can drive your insurance business to the top. Go to: to watch the demo and take a tour of the best software solutions for your insurance business needs.




Why Your Insurance Company Needs IMS Drive Software Solution

by fauzia 22. February 2012 20:26


Is your company still mailing out insurance policies to your clients? As you know, clients wait two to three weeks waiting on their policy to arrive. 

By utilizing IMS Software Solution, the waiting period is resolved.The client can go online, get a quote, and have their policy immediately, just by printing it out. It cuts your costs in half and your agency productivity will double.

All the extra work your insurance company goes through is down to almost nothing, so therefore you can focus on getting new clients instead of all the leg work of maintaining your existing clients. 

While the IMS Software System is taking care of the process you can sell more and more insurance policies. 

Palladium Pros IMS Drive Software Solution is a web based enterprise for the insurance industry. This is by far the only way to serve your clients and continue to grow your business. 

Cancellations and collections will significantly decrease. Delinquency and charged off amounts will drop dramatically and will continue to maintain target levels in the future.

All your insurance tasks are automated by using our technology. IMS Drive provides features that other online web solutions do not offer.

With the insurance industry being so competitive, you need a solution to overcome all the tasks and to give clients an edge to pay their policy online and have their policy at their fingertips immediately.

IMS Drive has the most advanced solution that handles your complete business process. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small insurance agency or a large insurance brokerage firm; we have the experience and expertise to bring software solutions for your special needs.  

Imagine what you could accomplish with just a few of the IMS Drive main features. Sale policies online with your own custom built web interface, policy management, coverage managed, manage deductible and endorsement, SMS, payments management and so much more. Just this small sampling of features will drive your business in full throttle.

IMS Drive is your employee that never gets tired, never makes mistakes, handles your clients, works 24/7, and takes clients payments while you are growing your insurance business.

You have more time to devote to new clients as your existing clients are being taken care of 24 hours a day every day.

The traditional way of operating your insurance business is obsolete. It is difficult to retain clients on a long-term basis. There is much more leg work involved and it is tiring keeping up with the work-load.

With the application core benefits of IMS Drive, your company will succeed far greater than ever before for years to come.  Your hosted ready to go insurance agency management platform is designed and built to scale with your business growth.

Isn’t it time to get rid of time consuming manual and semi-automated work that have you trying to control your business instead of growing it?  You need to focus more on sales, market your products more effectively, reduce your E&O exposure and manage all documents on the web.

Think about how much easier you could operate your business by accepting online credit card payments and ACH. Your agents and brokers can service your clients quickly with IMS Drive “Easy to Use and Responsive System”.

If you’re working countless hours, stacked with paper work, spending time keeping your clients happy, trying to retain a long-term relationship with them and all the other tasks involved, then you need to look into IMS Drive Software Solution.Your insurance company needs this software system.

It just makes sense with no administrative or infrastructural costs. Your agents and brokers can service your clients quickly regardless of geographical boundaries. IMS Drive software is a service based solution to all your insurance needs. 

The main point is to sell more policies while IMS Drive Software Solution is doing the leg work for you; therefore it gives you more time to concentrate on the core of your business getting new clients.

That’s the key focus and when you have so many other tasks to perform it takes that away from you.When you lose time, you lose clients. So think about what IMS Drive can mean for your business with a long-term relationship retaining clients for a life-time.